POUSTOVIT is a European brand of women’s clothing, which has found its reputation and appreciation in the everyday image of comfort and sophistication. Aesthetically, the design presents an easy-going sense of proportion and dynamism. Dresses, unique prints, positive energy define the design and sensuality of POUSTOVIT.


In today’s flexible lifestyle, all‘round dresses represent the core of the brand, a fusion of contemporary and ethnic details and form. An atmosphere of “effortless” style offers comfortable, flowing movement and youthful elegance.


POUSTOVIT’s fashion architecture is based on the designer’s prints, intended wrinkles and draping to exemplify simplicity of form with unique creative solutions present in each collection.


The iconic piece of every collection is the shirt-dress, which conveys the brand philosophy emphasizing balance of female sensuality and male dominance. Paralleled with innovation and comfort, of equally contribution are smart suits and simple sundresses.


The POUSTOVIT woman presents herself as harmonious, strong and feminine, multi-tasking between social activity and the necessity to engage in family values. With a conscious sense of style, her attractive presence and manner evolve displaying warmth, directness without aggression.
The POUSTOVIT woman is recognized for her awareness, sincerity and of invaluable importance, confidence.